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Pravica revamps its brand and offering after unprecedented growth

Pravica is proud to announce that building on the growth we have witnessed over the past two years, we have transformed and evolved, further aligning ourselves with our vision and mission of being a pioneering blockchain solutions infrastructure provider.

Pravica has rebranded, revamping and restructuring our offering into a more comprehensive blockchain infrastructure solution provider.

The Pravica premise remains the same and at the core of what we do. Our premise is to develop decentralized secure efficient blockchain based solutions that solve client centric, and real-world problems in an innovative trustworthy and efficient manner.

This was evident when we developed Pravica WEB3.0 messaging and Blockchain communications platform where we solved the problem of privacy and ownership in current Web2 messaging platforms by offering a decentralized messaging platform integrated with a crypto wallet functionality. Our platform was chosen among the top 20 finalists for Deutsche Telecom’s T-Labs and T-Mobile’s T-Challenge 2023. We were also recognized as one of the top 100 Future companies in the UAE in 2023, the Future 100 list.

Today Pravica, with its fresh brand and structure is offering solutions for a trustworthy and transformative digital landscape utilizing secure, efficient, and innovative blockchain solutions.

As an agnostic blockchain infrastructure provider, we are able to work with a symphony of blockchain networks because to us, it is solving user problems that is the basis and not just implementing a technology platform.

Our Spectrum offering

We offer the entire spectrum of services and solutions expressing our comprehension, adaptability and collective growth in the Blockchain sphere. We link what we call the hard and soft tools needed for a successful execution of customer centric solutions.

In terms of hard tools, we offer tailored blockchain enabled products such as Klubz, a tool centred around community communication; Walletify, the gateway to stablecoin/CBDC payments; and S3, the operations hub for stablecoin/CBDC.

In addition, we have built a state-of-the-art infrastructure harnessing the power of advanced communication and payment systems of the future. Our communication and payment infrastructures are designed to guarantee confidentiality, speed, and reliability, ensuring seamless and secure transactions for all our users.

On the soft side, we work with the community and our clients to offer consultancy and build awareness. Our technology experts at Pravica are here to help clients understand the blockchain technology, its potential benefits, as well as how it can be integrated into business operations. This includes understanding Tokenomics as well as CBDC (Central Bank Digital Currencies).

Our Tokenomics consultancy service provides insights into the intricate mechanisms that govern the value of cryptocurrencies and how they can be manipulated for growth and stability, while our CBDC consultancy provides comprehensive guidance on the implementation and management of CBDCs which we consider as the future of money.

Given the importance of data privacy in a digitized era, we are also offering consultancy on how best to implement data privacy measures including risk assessment, and policy development.

We are keen to spread awareness about Blockchain its potential benefits and use cases. Pravica is currently partnering with the educational sector such as universities as well as businesses and governments to grow the understanding around the decentralized digital future.

As Mohamed Abdou, Founder and CEO states, “We are proud to be announcing our new brand and our shift to a wider scope of offerings. It is our passion for utilizing the powerful solutions that blockchain technology has to offer that has led us to where we are today. This is just the start of our journey to bring much needed understanding, infrastructure and solutions to businesses, governments and communities at large. Let’s build a decentralized future together!”