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Not your keys. Not your chat.

We are so excited to announce the launch of the Pravica beta version messaging app that will be available on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Our launch will be executed in three phases to guarantee heavy testing and fine-tuning to deliver the best and most secure and private messaging App out there!

From launch, users get free, private chat-messaging services which will allow them to exchange private messages and hide from prying eyes.

With new protocols based on blockchain, we protect your privacy – every call, text message, group chat, video, and audio calls are end-to-end encrypted to ensure that information is turned into a secret message by its original sender – the first “end” and decoded only by its final recipient – the second “end”.

With Pravica, only the sender and recipient can read, receive, and send data with no interception from any third-party. Signing up has never been easier or safer.

No email, phone number or any personal information is required, just your decentralized identity that is secured by bitcoin and based on BNS from Stacks.

Since we started this journey, we’ve been on a mission to build the most secure and private communication suite, where we respect and value your identity and confidentiality to engage, communicate, and share.