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Pravica Launches its Secure and Encrypted Calendar with No Hidden Spying Features.

Now you can organize your busy life with Pravica’s end-to-end encrypted calendar that belongs to you and only you, and no unauthorized person can decrypt or read your data unless you allow them to.

Pravica prioritizes users’ privacy above all else. Unlike other calendar apps, Pravica has no access to users’ data and cannot use it in any way.

Pravica features a private and public web 3.0 calendar that combines both task management and event planning to suit both your personal and corporate life and needs.

With Pravica’s encrypted calendar users can easily and securely organize and manage their ambitious schedule, control their day, week, and month and no one can spy on their personal events or business meetings.

Pravica’s calendar lets you combine your personal events, business meetings and repeating tasks in one view so you can focus and be organized.

Users can create encrypted events, invite participants, and set reminders, which allows them to have secure control over their personal and corporate schedules.

Pravica’s calendar keeps user’s data private with no ads, no tracking, and no data sharing with 3rd parties. You can access Pravica’s calendar from anywhere and can automatically sync it with the web, to access your schedule from any device.

Calendar Features

Automatic end-to-end encryption of all data
Automatic end-to-end encryption of reminders
Accessible on every device
Integrated into the Pravica email client
Daily and monthly view
Events with start and end time
All-day events
Recurring events
Add & remove calenders
Upcoming events view
Import/export of calendars
Shared calendars
Create event from email
Enable search in calendar
Send accept, decline invitations via email
Display birthdays from address book

Keep your life organized, private, and secure with Pravica’s Calendar.