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The Wait is Almost Over – Phase 2 Launch

We are launching the second testing phase of our messaging app – The Stackers Phase, which will be released on March 22, 2021, on iOS, while the Android version will be released by the end of this week.

The Stackers Phase is dedicated to the entire Stacks community members, which entails any user that holds a Blockstack ID can download and start using the Pravica app for testing, finetuning, and sending feedback to help us add more features and functionalities, before our big launch to the public.

During our 1st phase (Hiro Phase), we received great constructive feedback from the Stacks ecosystem teams that helped us find and fix bugs, enhance the app performance and give our User Interface (UI) design a facelift focusing on anticipating what users might need to do on the app, and ensuring that the interface has elements that are easy to access, understand, and use to facilitate those actions.

We paid great attention to developing a new, easy, and smooth User Experience (UX) by obtaining a thorough understanding of our target users’ in-app behavior patterns and psychological underpinnings, to build an app that exceeds expectations, especially that Pravica is taking the blockchain world by storm, using relatively new technology, built on a new internet to deliver a user-owned internet.

Phase 2 Launch New Key Features:

  • Voice Messages
  • Sending and Receiving – text messages, photos, and documents
  • Replying to- text messages, photos, and documents during a chat session.

All Pravica services and features are built using blockchain technology, secured by Bitcoin, and are end-to-end encrypted to guarantee the highest level of privacy and security.

The goal of the Stackers Phase is onboarding, to show the value of our app to the Stacks community, by demonstrating how they can achieve what they want, quickly and efficiently.

If the user is having trouble within the first few screens, they will likely drop off without hesitation. Delivering an excellent UX is the foundation for attracting and retaining Pravica users.

We also launched a GitHub board to facilitate communication and feedback between the developers’ community and our team to ensure all technical issues and feedback are handled efficiently and in a timely manner.  

We truly believe that our Beta testing phases are crucial since users are now smarter than ever and they know the options they have; if you fail to deliver a good user experience, they will move on to other apps and will never come back.

Quality, performance, stability, security, and reliability are some factors that we are and will continuously and rigorously be working on achieving.