Pravica Developer Batch Vol 1.01

Hey folks,

Some great news from Pravica team!

We are glad to announce the launch of our Beta kit, a set of tools aiming to handle some of the challenges currently facing the Dapps development process. This set of tools we call “Pravica developers batch Vol 1.01” will introduce of the following.

1 – React Native Mobile development complete kit (IOS & Android):

Since the available mobile SDK from Blockstack doesn’t support it, we know that it is hard now to develop a collaborative Mobile App (using Radiks), which is the concern of this module. We developed a full library that will help React Native Mobile developers to take their applications and development process to the next level. We at Pravica are pretty sure that React Native mobile developers will love it.

2 – A complete Decentralized real-time push notification system (WEB and Mobile) approach:

Putting privacy at the top of our priorities, encrypting content isn’t just enough for us, so we introduce our approach of a “Decentralized push notifications” which aims to keep the system agnostic to the messages traffic flow, adding yet another layer of privacy and a new robust fortress ahead of metadata collection and analytics while keeping the common instant push notification experience intact.

3 – The one mile after Radiks:

Our innovative proposal of a new real decentralized “Radiks” scalable solution. Out-of-the-box, deploy and run on a single node or a multi-node cluster, you get a real decentralized multi-user communication.

4 – A complete payment gateway from Fiat to STX:

User-friendly solution for payment transaction in STX to use into clarity smart contract transaction, bringing STX exchange to the users door-step allowing them to roam freely inside your DApp without a force-stop to fuel their wallet with STX for in-app purchases and more. We are aiming with our payment gateway to accelerate and simplify this process in a matter of clicks.

The first Pravica developers batch Vol 1.01 will be ready with these 4 tools for community testing by the end of March 2020, we will open the doors for the whole community to test, send us feedback and participate in order to help us grow these tools mature for the full production stage.

Pravica engineers doing extremely hard effort to solve the real problems facing the developer’s community, pushing Blockstack apps yet further.
We understand that Blockstack engineering team members might be are extremely busy these days preparing the infrastructure to be ready for Stacks 2.0 and PoX, which we are looking forward too, yet we will be in deep appreciation and value your inputs and help as well.

All upcoming tools will be available in a fully open-source format.